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FIFA 13 Career Mode Q&A


Last night FIFA 13 Career Mode Producer Santiago Jaramillo held a twitter Q and A through the EASportsFIFA account and it’s all been published online.

We’ve gone through and picked out the ones that seemed most relevant based on your questions to our FIFA 13 posts, if you want to read the full list, you can do so here.

Q: Caolan_LFC: @EASPORTSFIFA will the World Cup/Euros/Confed. Cup be on career mode aswell? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Caolan_LFC Lots of International tournaments to play in. World Championship, European Championship, Conf. Cup, qualifiers, friendlies.

Q: LawrieTubb: @santiagoj83 In career mode, can your players get called up? Eg African cup of nations, so you’d lose players like gervinho? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @LawrieTubb @santiagoj83 We don’t have all the regional tournaments this year, but we do have a South America Cup and European Championship.

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTSFIFA If you are managing a smaller club will you still get national team offers? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 Yes, but you won’t get offers from the best.For example,to get the Spain or Brazil job, you need to be successful in a top club.

Q: JudahS_: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career are you more likely to get an off from the country you’re working in or the nationality you are?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @JudahS_ if you do well in the top league, that country’s FA will be more interested in you. Same goes for your nationality. #FIFA13Career

Q: MrCrazy3000: @EASPORTSFIFA Can you just manager a national team and not manager a club? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @MrCrazy3000 No, you always need a club job.

Q: _YOLOscar: @EASPORTSFIFA now that there are National Teams in #fifa13career, is the World Cup in the game?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @_YOLOscar We will have a World Championship that will follow the same format.

Q: AntDutra15: #FIFA13Career I think you should have a feature so we know how much potential a player has before I waste money on him!

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @AntDutra15 We’re doing a lot of work on the player growth system as we speak! #FIFA13Career

Q: AntonHMill: @EASPORTSFIFA #FIFA13Career if I play Player Mode, can I hand in a transfer request or leave a club in the winter transfer window?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @AntonHMill Yes, you can hand in a transfer request at any point.

Q: bcfc: #fifa13career All these new additions wont matter when Birmingham city get took over and sign Kaka, Ronaldo etc…

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @bcfc we re-wrote the transfer system and there are lots of improvements there for authenticity.

Q: eivindws: Is youth academy still in #FIFA13Career? @EASPORTSFIFA

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @eivindws Yes, Youth Academy is still there 🙂

Q: mikeastuto: @EASPORTSFIFA Any updates to the youth academy? Specifically player growth? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @mikeastuto Some additions to the Youth Academy, and we are working on some very good improvements to the player growth system #FIFA13Career

Q: stowesport: @EASPORTSFIFA Will youth academy players be able to develop very quickly, like e.g. Rooney did in real life? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @stowesport It will depend on their potential, their playing time, match rating, and other factors that we are working on to improve it all.

Q: Sabre0001: @EASPORTSFIFA If you get subbed while playing poorly or tired, will your match rating drop? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Sabre0001 Doing lots of improvements to the match rating system. We are still tuning it at the moment. Should be much better! #FIFA13Career

Q: lfcrusayne: #FIFA13Career Do you have to purchase the “edit player” option before starting the CM for it to take effect or does it update mid-CM?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @lfcrusayne You can ‘unlock’ the option to edit players inside #FIFA13Career from the catalogue, and it will work for in-progress CM games.

Q: PepsiJamie: @EASPORTSFIFA Why not add things like team chemistry and wages where you can buy new boots and items? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @PepsiJamie You will be able to unlock new boots and other cool stuff from the EAS FC catalogue. #FIFA13Career

Q: liam_Cotter: @EASPORTSFIFA can u change your team kit every few seasons? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @liam_Cotter No, you can’t change the kits. They are licensed. BUT, you CAN unlock historic kits for a variety of teams and have them in CM!

Q: Murrayyyyyyyy: @EASPORTSFIFA Will more clubs receive face scans? #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @Murrayyyyyyyy Yes,I don’t have the details now,but more players have gone through the new face-scan tech and look incredible! #FIFA13Career

Q: GoOnDanny: #FIFA13Career Can you choose the teams who you want to play in pre-season friendly games?

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @GoOnDanny I really wanted this too, but we didn’t have the time to implement the feature. We had higher priorities for #FIFA13Career

Q: sirdaz12: @EASPORTSFIFA @sirdaz12: Are the celebrations better when you win a trophy? Should be seen going up and getting the cup. #FIFA13Career

A: EASPORTSFIFA: @sirdaz12 We have new celebrations, new stadium entrance sequences, etc…#FIFA13Career

So there’s some interesting new details in there. Thoughts?

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