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FIFA 13 Career Mode – The New Features


Going International

We were asked to find out about lots of different things before we went to EAC but the one part of FIFA 13 you all wanted to know about most was Career Mode. That’s why we’re incredibly pleased to bring you this rundown of the modes new features which address many community requests of old and, introduce some truly staggering new technical innovations.

International Management 

  • As your reputation as a manager grows in Career Mode you will now be offered the chance to manage International teams in addition to the club side you are already playing with.
  • Your performance and manager reputation in Career Mode dictates the quality of the international offers you will receive.
  • Your nationality and the league you manage in will also effect the type of International offers you receive.
  • Rumours about interested nations will circulate in the press for some months before you actually receive a firm offer.
  • Squad selection will be a key part of your International management duties and deadlines for selections (one week prior to friendlies, one month prior to tournaments) have to be met.
  • International competitions will run in parallel with the club game meaning you could land a job in the middle of a qualifying campaign.
  • International management has it’s own Career Mode “Hub” keeping your club and country separate.

In Match Live Score Updates

  • Whilst playing your Career Mode matches you’ll now receive audio updates from other games being played in your league voiced by Alan Mcinally and Geoff Shreeves.
  • The live updates cover goal, red card and penalty incidents.
  • Example – Shreeves: “Goal at Anfield, Fulham’s Clint Dempsey scores a brilliant freekick to make it 2-1, 73 minutes played” Tyler “Thanks Geoff”
  • You can select/de-select the matches you want to hear audio updates from prior to playing starting your match.

Player Stories 

  • Interaction with players is now more regular with instant feedback received based on managerial decisions.
  • Player Stories can now run for months in to Career Mode re-emerging if you go through a bad run of results or when you sell/buy a key player.
  • Specific Player Stories also occur when managing an International team, meaning you’ll need to keep both club and country happy.
  • Fan stories will now make top news in the press based on team performance.

Be A Player 

  • Once you’ve chosen your player (VP or real) you receive a set of Season Objectives to complete from the manager. The type of player you choose (forward, midfielder, defender, etc) will shape these objectives.
  • As well as Season Objectives you’ll also be asked to achieve objectives every four matches. This could include, goals, clean sheets, pass/tackle completion percentages, etc. The quality of opposition over these four games will decide the values you are asked to achieve.
  • If you are unhappy you now have the option to request a transfer, or request a loan to gain more match experience.
  • If you choose to play for a top club with a low rated VP you will not be a first team starter to begin with, you’ll be loaned to gain experience first.
  • If fatigued or playing poorly the manager can now substitute your player.
  • Once your playing days are over can can opt to retire and take up management.

Classified Results 

  • After each Career Mode match you now receive a rundown of the classified results through in-game audio (think BBC Final Score)
  • League table updates are also fed back to you as well as any upcoming fixtures. These audio sequences happen less regularly than the classified results.
  • When this audio is running you can still browse all Career Mode menus and continue to the next game week.

Managers Office 

  • You can now view any available managerial positions via the Jobs Board, this allows you to change clubs mid season should you wish to.
  • Your manager now appears on the touchline in matches based on customisation options chosen at the start of Career Mode.

Transfer Negotiations 

  • The transfer system has been completely re-written for Career Mode in FIFA 13.
  • You can now offer player plus cash and player trade deals to the CPU.
  • When offering to loan players you can now set a future purchase price to sign the player permanently at the end of the loan period.
  • When the CPU makes an offer for one of your players you can now choose to “Counter Offer” to ask for more money. The CPU will then choose to accept, reject or make a counter offer of their own.
  • Contract negotiations now contain advice from your Chief Executive which act as a guide to what they think the club and player may want.
  • When offering contracts you can now choose a role for the player you’re trying to sign eg Crucial Player, Important Player, Future Star. This expectation will effect whether a player chooses to join your club.
  • Prior to making a firm offer you can now make an Enquiry to find out whether a player is available and how much the club want for them.
  • You can now make offers for players directly from media stories by pressing the left stick.
  • A new Financial Strictness setting will limit the percentage of players sales that go back in to your transfer budget (chosen at the start of CM).

Breaking News

  • A new “Sky Sports” style overlay will now deliver breaking and top news to the Career Mode hub.

Edit Players

  •  You now have the ability to edit player appearance during your Career Mode seasons. This option can be unlocked via the new EASFC Catalogue.

User Interface 

  • You can now read news articles from the media pane whilst the game is advancing.
  • The first time you enter Career Mode menus a tutorial overlay appears to guide you through each panes function.
Right at the death last night we were asked to withhold one more big piece of Career Mode news which we’ll try to bring you as soon as we can (sorry) but it does mean you have more to look forward to. Tom’s full Career Mode Impressions article will follow shortly (with screens) but for now hit the comments to let us know your thoughts on the new features. Pleased?
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