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FIFA 13 – Demo Release Times


That day is nearly upon us again. The day where the majority get to look at FIFA 13 for the first time. FIFA 13 demo release day!

The times have been confirmed on the EASportsFIFA Twitter acct this morning, and for the UK they’re as follows:

PC – Tomorrow (11/09/12) 9am

Xbox 360 – Tomorrow (11/09/12) between 10am-2pm (Xbox LIVE Silver members will have to wait ’til 18/09/12)

PS3 – Tomorrow (11/09/12) between 10pm-2am

For those of you not in the UK, here’s a set of links to timezone converters for each platform:

PS3 Demo                            Xbox 360 Demo                            PC Demo

We’ll put a post up tomorrow with download links for those of you that want to queue things up whilst at work.

All of the demo details are here, but to recap you’ll be able to play on all difficulties and game speeds, in the Etihad stadium, on 3 minute halves, with 4 weather options and the following teams, Arsenal, AC Milan, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus and Manchester city. Man Utd have been rumoured to be in there too but we’ve not seen anything official yet.

On top of that, FIFA Matchday and Skill Games will be available too. Check those links for more details on those new features.

So, you’re excited right? Finally able to get hands on with the new stuff after months of hearing about it?

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