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FIFA 13: First Touch Control


Predictable, Unpredictability

We all know that every player in FIFA 12 is blessed with the perfect first touch but in FIFA 13 EA are looking to turn this on its head to provide a more realistic and diverse range of control touches. It’s a feature we asked for and here’s the detail we have so far on First Touch Control.

First Touch Control


Contextual First Touch

  • In FIFA 13 the quality of a players first touch is now determined by a new context based system which factors in pass speed, pass type, ball height, player pressure, body position, motion, player attributes and also weather.
  • There is now genuine separation between control touches and the ball itself, the ball is no longer “glued” to the players feet.
  • First Touch Control is designed to create more “battle for possession” opportunities, allowing defenders to step in when an opposition player takes a heavy touch.
  • Not every poor touch will result in you losing the ball. First Touch Control also works visually so whilst you might maintain possession the ball may “pop-up” or bobble making your next pass more difficult.
  • First Touch Control creates genuine risk when taking a touch in a difficult situation. As a defender especially you’ll need to decide when to clear and when to take a touch. EA want the system to make you think more like a real footballer.
  • Heavy control touches can be calmed by slowing from a full sprint to receive passes.
  • In some instances having a slightly heavy first touch can work to your advantage because the ball will move out of your feet and in to space.
  • First Touch Control aims to provide variation in first touch all over the pitch, rather than the uniformed perfect touch seen in FIFA 12.
Passing Changes
  • New contextual pass types have been added to FIFA 13 resulting in players automatically elevating passes if a defender is in their way. 
  • Passes in FIFA 13 can now be over-hit which introduces a risk/reward element between pass speed and First Touch Control.
  • The First Touch Control system has allowed EA to open up the pass speed range as players no longer take the perfect touch every time. 
  • A new suite of animations for clearances have been added to FIFA 13. 

So there you have it, that’s FIFA 13’s First Touch Control in a nutshell. On paper we think this could have a huge impact not only on how FIFA 13 plays on the pitch but also how it makes people behave behind the controller. Hit the comments guys and we’ll do our very best to answer any questions.

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