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FIFA 13 – FSB Gameplay Sliders


FIFA 13 has been out in the wild for a week or so now and during that time we’ve been taking a look at the gameplay sliders to see where a few nips and tucks can improve the FIFA experience offline.

As always please take these settings as a baseline to work from yourself, making adjustments where needed to make FIFA 13 play the best it can for you. Some of the changes are very minor, others more drastic which we’re sure will split opinion in certain camps.

Game Speed: Slow

Difficulties Tested: Professional / World Class

FIFA 13 – FSB Gameplay Sliders

*Apply to both User and CPU gameplay sliders*

Sprint Speed – 50

Acceleration – 47

Shot Error – 50

Pass Error – 50

Shot Speed – 45

Pass Speed – 52

Injury Frequency – 90

Injury Severity – 60

Goalkeeper Ability – 50

Positioning: Marking – 80

Positioning: Run Frequency – 80

Positioning: Line Height – 48

Positioning: Line Length – 40

Positioning: Line Width – 45

Positioning: Full Back – 53

Power Bar – 50

First Touch Control Error – 52

Right, less talking more playing. Apply these settings and dive straight in to Career Mode to see how FIFA 13 plays. Remember of course to set game speed to slow and please share your feedback and impressions in the comments.

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