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FIFA 13 – FUT Disabled


*EDIT* It seems to be back up now. From the web app at least.

Original post: Those of you that have tried to use it at some point since last night will have already noticed, but Ultimate Team is currently down, and it’s staying that way.

Not forever, but for the foreseeable future, with the official announcement mentioning “days”, which probably means a round of compensation will be on the cards.

The outage is to fix the recent trade pile and auction house issues, as well as ensure that more users don’t become affected. I had noticed that recently my trade pile limit was increasing by 10 each time I logged in and the last time I looked it was at about 150. I guess this is related.

During this maintenance period everything will be down, not just the auction house, so you’ll be unable to use any console features, the web app or the iOS app until further notice.


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