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FIFA 13 Gameplay Impressions Roundup


The FIFA 13 gameply impressions embargo has now passed and that means the gaming media can now say exactly what they think of EA’s latest FIFA title.

Tom and Suffwan played FIFA 13 at a press event last week but we’ll be holding our own gameplay impressions back until early next week to allow us more time with the game at this Friday’s playtest (June 1st). We’ll have a whole day with the game on Friday instead of a few hours and we also didn’t want to write anything without gathering your feedback first, so if you have any gameplay questions ask them here.

Here’s a roundup of the best of the best on the web.

FIFA 13 Gameplay Impressions

FSB France – “FIFA 13 already seems much better built than its predecessor”

FIFA Benelux – “a good foundation for the various game modes”

SweetPatch.tv – “just can’t wait to get my hands on it again.”

OPM UK – “player control, is a work-in-progress, elsewhere improvements outnumber moans”

IGN – “the on-pitch action – looks stunning”

Click Online – “successfully simulating the predictable unpredictability of real life football”

Shop To – “dribbling this year is the best it has ever been”

Godisageek – “FIFA fans have a lot to look forward to this autumn”

Videogamer – “every moment in FIFA 13 feels important – and the game feels far more rounded as a result”

If you’ve seen any other impressions articles you think are good or if there’s anything we’ve missed, add them to the comments and update our post.

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