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FIFA 13 – iOS Details


At the recent EA Summer Showcase there was an iOS presentation, which we’ve only just got round to watching.

There were a few new details revealed about the iOS version including online multiplayer via Origin.

On top of that, there’s some new inputs. When attacking you’ll now get a dedicated button for skill moves which should be a bit easier to use than the double tap from FIFA 12, but it’s still not known whether you’ll be able to use the virtual stick input to have a say in what trick you do, in FIFA 12 it’s completely random. When defending you’ll now have a call 2nd defender button.

You’ll also be able to swipe to change team mentality between neutral, attacking and defensive and you;’ll also be able to change formations and make subs without breaking into a menu.

Perhaps the biggest change though is the ability to upload replays directly to YouTube. Which is pretty fucking cool. Whether EA are using iOS to test the idea and work out the kinks before putting it into console versions next year or whether it’s just something they’ve been keeping close to their chests for FIFA 13 we don’t know, but the main thing is it’s coming to FIFA in some form, which means EA are hopefully preparing to scrap the grainy uploads on the EA Sports Football website. Yay!

You can watch the full presentation below.


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