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FIFA 13 Kinect Features Announced


We’ve known for a while that FIFA 13 would incorporate some form of Kinect features – and now we know what they are.

The first FIFA announcement for E3 came a little bit earlier than expected: during the Microsoft press conference, EA have elaborated on how FIFA 13 will be ‘Better with Kinect’. Using voice controls you will be able to trigger substitutes, change formations, and command your squad with your voice. Most amusingly of all, you can act aggressively to the referee – and then get told off by the commentators!

  • Voice Commands: Administer your squad the way real-world managers organize their clubs during a match. Use voice commands to instantly activate tactics, change formations, or initiate substitutions, and enjoy the strategic advantage of managing your club without pausing the game.
  • Pitch Commands: Think, react and play like a professional footballer utilising voice commands on the pitch in Be A Pro mode. Shout for a pass, send a teammate on a run or call for a shot the way real footballers communicate on the pitch.
  • Referee Feedback: Referees and linesmen are influenced by what they hear. Coarse language directed towards an official may be mentioned by commentators or influence a referee’s strictness and decision-making around fouls and bookings, the same way it does in real life. Plus, storylines will develop in Career Mode when players and managers let their emotions get the better of them.

Here’s a video of the announcement from EA’s Andrew Wilson


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