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FIFA 13: No FUT For Wii U


At launch anyway.

In an interview with Nintendoworldreport, Producer Matt Prior explained that “Some of the more advanced [modes] that took many years to kind of come onto 360 and PS3, things like Ultimate Team, they aren’t on it at launch, but the biggest one in terms of popularity is.”

And that mode is Online Seasons. So you will be able to play Online Seasons as it appears on 360/PS3 on the Wii U. Good news. Although navigating FUT on the touch screen would have been pretty cool. Hopefully there’s something to be taken from the use of the words “at launch” and that FUT could come to the Wii U later down the line.

When pushed about the graphics he noted that they’re on par and in fact a couple of areas should look better than the 360/PS3 versions. Those areas being the pitch and crowds, however he was careful to note that “It’s not going to be miles ahead”.

Another snippet to come out of the interview is the use of the touch screen to provide quick access to your friends list which can be used to invite friends to games or send them messages.

You can read the full interview on Nintendoworldreport and see the rest of our Wii U coverage here.


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