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FIFA 13 Preorder Bonuses Detailed *Updated*


A few new details have popped up this morning around the pre-order bonuses you can expect from FIFA 13.

There are two packages the first, exclusive to Amazon gives you a code for 10,000 Football Club Credits, which can be spent in the EASFC Catalogue on things like VP Attribute boosts, Celebrations, Career Mode Super Scout credits and so on. Those screens show prices for some items (although they’re probably not final) so they’ll give you an idea of what you’ll be able to redeem with that much.

The second is a similar to FIFA Street, it’s an Adidas All-Star team featuring 23 of the brands top players, including Leo Messi and Karim Benzema complete with unique kits that can be used in Pro Clubs. It’s noted on the release that this is exclusive to GAME customers only.

In addition to those, there will still be a standard and an Ultimate edition, giving you 1 free FUT gold pack per week for 24 weeks. So you can get that, with whichever bonus you choose.

All pre-orders bonuses are available from today (26th June) but what isn’t yet known is details on which retailers will be carrying which bonus. The US and UK versions of the EA site do give an indication though.

*UPDATE* According to VG247 the release is nailed on as the 28th, and the Ultimate Edition will be available through Pre-ordering or by buying from release day onwards.

*UPDATE 2* It is official. Link. FIFA 13 will release in the UK on the 28th September.

*UPDATE 3* A few official screens added which detail the pre-order content, click to see full size.

There are some updated shots of the cover too, sort of…


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