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FIFA 13 – Producer Interviews


As the demos draws closer news is getting a bit light, but there have been a couple of interviews to keep you ticking over.

Firstly, Click Online had a chat with Aaron McHardy about skill games, gameplay and the future:

“Alone the Attacking Intelligence might have opened the game up, but when you couple it with first touch control I think we’ve struck another nice balance this year. Yes, there’s things going on and you’re reading the game and you’re thinking like a footballer, but there’s consequences to playing that difficult ball that maybe in last year’s game you could ping that 40 yard ball over the top and your player would take it down perfectly. Now that pass might be on, but it might need to be a little bit more on this year to give you enough time, if your player hasn’t got the greatest touch, to be able to bring the ball down and make something out of it.”

You can read the full interview here.

And the FVPA have spoken to Online Producer Gareth Reeder about Pro Clubs:

“We also looked at the top peaks for all attributes in the real world, then saw how much you can gain in each attribute. The result is that the Pros start higher in FIFA 13 (73-75) and don’t get quite as high. This results in a more even playing field, and less of a gap between beginners and vets. Hopefully user skill will therefore be more important than raw stats in FIFA 13 vs FIFA 12.”

Head over to the FVPA forums to read the full interview.


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