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FIFA 13 Responsible For 12% Of Recent Break-ups


Now, we’re no strangers here at FSB to aggravation from the Mrs when it comes to all things FIFA (as I’m sure most of you are too) but can it really cause a loving, caring relationship to end?

Well according to a recent survey around 12% of recent break-ups in the UK have been caused by the release of FIFA 13, with over half of these admitting that they spend more time with “the worlds best selling sports game” than with their partner. Here’s what an esteemed analyst had to say…

“People see video games as a break from reality, but it seems that the virtual world can have implications in the real world too.Video games can get addictive, but it’s important to keep a hold on reality and not let it detract from daily life.”

So have any of your had grief from your girlfriends, wives, mistresses or boyfriends? How do you deal with fitting FIFA in around their moans and groans? Or are one of the 12% that binned off the Mrs for more FIFA time?

Source: Metro

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