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FIFA 13 Review – The Verdict


So we’ve dissected Gameplay, Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Online which means it’s finally time for the FSB FIFA 13 Review Verdict. There’s no score this year (deliberately) just read our final thoughts and then hit the comments. Another year, done and dusted.

Tom’s Verdict

Overall FIFA 13 has an awful lot going on and nearly all areas of the game (with the exception of replay theatre, which I give up on) have had some positive changes or additions. Better gameplay, more depth to modes, Skill Games, an increasing set of tools to use outside of the game, it’s all too easy to pick individual pieces apart, but as a whole FIFA 13 is an extremely positive upgrade from FIFA 12.

As someone who’s been an almost exclusively offline player I’m looking forward to spending more time online now that Clubs has a reworked progression system and UT has seasons, but it’s still Career Mode that excites me the most. Our early previews were extremely positive and although I haven’t had the chance to start a career on the retail version, Dave was impressed with it and insists that it’s as good as I remember.

FIFA 13 is an extremely positive upgrade from FIFA 12.

There are still things missing, there are still going to be problems found down the line and we’ll still play it all fucking year regardless.

Toby’s (Xaor’s) Verdict

FIFA 13 is a huge footballing package, with huge variety of modes and a whole host of different ways to enjoy virtual football. There are few areas which haven’t received considerable attention, making FIFA 13 a worthy and superbly presented sequel which will undoubtedly break records once again. The gameplay which holds it altogether has improved too, but glaring issues remain and mean that, yet again, the overall balance is simply not that good.

At times, FIFA 13 is simply breathtaking, but for me it is too much a case of superb moments and fleeting glances at what the game could be. FIFA 13 is a game which is hugely dependent on the people playing it – play it right, and you have a formidable and high quality simulation of football, but FIFA is still a game which is too pliable to being played in the wrong ways. The breadth of FIFA 13 puts it head and shoulders above what has come before, but the depth is still more than a little lacking.

Dave’s Verdict

FIFA 13 is definitely the year of the game modes for me and the breadth of options available make it one of the most complete FIFA titles of all time. Aside from the brilliant FIFA Match Day there isn’t anything brand new but the evolution of existing modes has been strong and whether it’s FUT, Career Mode, Seasons or Clubs that you enjoy playing, there are significant upgrades to be found in each.

It’s a great year to be a FIFA 13 gamer.

On the pitch FIFA 13 is a tale of sheer brilliance and niggling frustration as the overall balance of the gameplay fights against the excellence of First Touch Control, Complete Dribble and the Impact Engine. It’s a task I don’t envy but it’s a minute tipping point EA must find to even out the kinks and create the sandbox style gameplay we all crave. It’s still the best gameplay we’ve ever seen though and that makes FIFA 13 a cause for celebration on a number of levels.

The best gameplay, the best modes, the best overall package and yet still more for EA to bring to the party next year. It’s a great year to be a FIFA 13 gamer.

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