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FIFA 13: Tactical Freekicks


Setting Up The Pieces

Freekicks in the FIFA series have certainly been neglected over the last few years but in FIFA 13 EA are adding a wealth of new features under the banner “Tactical Freekicks“. Here’s what we know so far.

Tactical Freekicks


Attacking Options

  • You will now be able to have up to three players over the ball in freekick situations.
  • Anyone of these players can perform dummies at the freekick and once they have run over the ball they remain active as a passing option for the kick taker.
  • Tactical Freekicks will allow you to create your own options from dead ball situations as well as shooting or crossing for team mates already in the box.
  • A new suite of shot animations have been added to FIFA 13. 
  • A new suite of goal celebrations have been added to FIFA 13. 

Defensive Options

  • To combat the multiple dummy runs the defensive wall can now reform after jumping for the first time, allowing them to try and block for a second time.
  • Players can now be added and subtracted from the wall, allowing complete control of your defensive setup depending on the location of the freekick.
  • In FIFA 13 you can now set a charging player from the wall to close down freekicks which are passed, or tee’d up for more powerful shots.
  • In FIFA 13 you can now creep the wall forwards to shorten the distance to the kick taker. 
  • Creep too far though and the referee will push the wall backwards and or book a member of your team who was present in the wall.

So that’s Tactical Freekicks, and I’m sure you’ll all agree there are some really promising additions there which should allow plenty of variety should you choose to utilise them. The controversial update is of course the ability to creep the wall forwards so, hit the comments and speak your mind.

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