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FIFA 13 To Include Sian Massey?


Really interesting one this, as an FSB source has indicated that EA SPORTS may be forced to include female officials like the pictured Sian Massey in this years FIFA 13 and all future titles too.

*WARNING: This may be related to April Fools Day*

This requirement is coming as part of the European Gender Directive which is designed to eradicate forms of indirect discrimination based on gender and it will impact insurance and pension products first, towards the end of this year. Another driver for this change is that FIFA prides itself on being an “authentic” football experience and if there are women officiating at the highest level why shouldn’t they be properly represented in the game?

This gender shift is further backed up by a US job listing which details a new animator position at EAC which specifically request experience in “animating the female form” and “mammary┬áphysics”.

I guess it’s best to open the floor here, would you guys like to see Sian Massey and other female officials in FIFA 13 and beyond?