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FIFA 13 – Virtual Bundesliga


ElectronicArtsDE have popped up a Bundesliga trailer showing off a little bit of FIFA 13.


It’s a bit cryptic with mentions of “give it all for you and your club” and so on, but what’s interesting is the web address at the end. virtuelle.bundesliga.de

So we headed over there, pushed the google translate button and found this. A new mode that’s just for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

It’s called Virtual Bundesliga and it’s based on h2h seasons. Each month the top ranked teams will qualify for the live grand final, as will the winners of four offline tournaments. “The official master of the virtual league will be awarded by the DFL, EA SPORTS and Adidas with a specially crafted trophy.

So basically, it sounds a bit like the FIWC, but localized. It looks like you pick your favourite Bundesliga team and then play matches using them through the mode. To ensure that everything’s fair there’s mention of some sort of adjustment to skill levels. It’s going to be integrated into the official Bundesliga website, so you’ll find things like tournament results there too.

It’s all a bit fuzzy as Google Translate hasn’t done the best job by the looks of it, but if we’ve got any readers that can point out anything we’ve misunderstood then let us know and we’ll update the post. It’s entirely possible we’ve got the whole thing upside down and back to front. My one year of German in secondary school hasn’t been of any help here.

There’s a couple of screens showing what the menus look like too.

There’s also a video of a press conference here. But we don’t know what it says. Maybe someone can point out anything notable from it for us.

Expect more details on this from gamescom.

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