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FIFA 14 Early Access Launches In Europe Today


It launched yesterday in the US (lucky buggers), but don’t worry European FIFA fans as the FIFA 14 Early Access program is set to launch today. At around 6pm UK time to be precise!

As per usual, you need have an EA SPORTS Season Ticket to get access to it, so make sure you purchase one via Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Store if you want to play FIFA 14 before its 27th September release date.

The Season Ticket is £19.99 or €24.99, which might sound a tad expensive but you get early access to Madden, NHL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NCAA Football. In terms of FIFA you get 20% off all FUT 14 Pack, 24 Premium FUT 14 Gold Packs, free Creation Center web content packs and, of course, early access to the game!

Just in case you need a little help in regards to purchasing an EA SPORTS Season Ticket we have listed some handy steps for you below. We’re nice people like that…

Xbox 360

  1. Sign in to your Xbox LIVE account
  2. Search for EA SPORTS from the Bing section of the dashboard
  3. Download the EA SPORTS app (it’s free) and launch it from your Game Library
  4. Purchase the EA SPORTS Season Ticket
  5. Download the FIFA 14 early release via the EA SPORTS app

PlayStation 3

  1. Sign in to your PlayStation/Sony Entertainment Network account
  2. Open up the PlayStation Store and search for EA SPORTS Season Ticket
  3. From the search results select EA SPORTS Season Ticket
  4. Purchase the EA SPORTS Season Ticket
  5. When it’s ready just look for FIFA 14 digital download preview in the PlayStation Store and download it.

Quick note, if the above method doesn’t work on the PlayStation 3 itself, you can purchase the Season Ticket via the Sony Entertainment Network store on your PC, Mac or laptop. Click here to be taken directly to the purchase page.

Now all that’s left is to wait for 6pm (UK time) to come along. Just don’t sit there looking at the clock, go play GTA V. That’s a good way to make the time go faster! Oh and make sure you have more than 9.7GB of space on your hard drive, as that’s how big the file is.


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