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FIFA 14 Next-Gen Preview Round-Up


As well as releasing our preview of the next-gen version of FIFA 14 this morning, we thought we would bring some other FIFA 14 previews for you so you can get a more varied opinion.

FUTHead News:

Staying with presentation, nearly everything you’ll see has been reworked. The default gameplay camera is lower, oddly giving a better view of the pitch and also making sure that you don’t miss the huge upgrades that have been made to the crowd

Official PlayStation Magazine:

I’m able to gain space in central midfield with deft touches away from opponents, and beat full backs with perfectly-timed changes of pace or angle

Video Gamer:

The standard camera on next-gen is lower in order to place more emphasis on the crowd. Not only does this help you see some of the cool new features on the sidelines (players exiting the dugout to warm up, better looking fans and ball boys running to collect the ball), this new view also makes it easier to see across the width of the pitch.

Digital Spy:

Players also have better angle coverage, meaning they turn and rotate both on and off ball with more authenticity. Their feet are better planted to the ground, so players don’t appear to hover or slide around like they used to at times.

We will of course add more when more previews hit the internet. In the meanwhile, let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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