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FIFA 14 PC Version Will Mis-Ignite


The news regarding FIFA 14 for PC gamers came in the late hours of last night as we reported via our Twitter account. FIFA 14 on PC will not utilize the next-gen EA Sports IGNITE Engine announced yesterday at the Xbox One reveal event.

Questions started cluttering social networks as soon as the next-gen FIFA trailer was aired. Would FIFA 14 on PC use the IGNITE Engine? But an answer from EA Sports was provided courtesy of the UK Community Manager Rob Hodson. It was not what the PC faithful were hoping to hear.

However, think back to April when FIFA 14 was unveiled for current-gen and most of you will remember that the game was announced for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Therefore, confirmation that the PC version would be running on the current-gen engine has been known for some time now.

From the responses on our Twitter account it is clear that the PC FIFA community feel let down. Many can’t help but feel déjà vu as this exact scenario happened at the beginning of the current generation when the PC fans did not see the benefits of the current gen engine until FIFA 11.

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