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FIFA 14 Pro Clubs Details Revealed


Were massive fans of Pro Clubs here at FSB and EA SPORTS have kindly shared some new information about what to expect in the mode for FIFA 14.

There have been a number of changes made to Pro Clubs this year due to the fantastic feedback made by you, the FIFA community.  The changes include the following:

Accomplishments and attributes

  • Players attributes have been re-tuned in order to balance physical traits (height and weight e.g).
  • Overall peak of your Virtual Pro has been reduced for more realism, so those at the top feel less overpowered
  • New stats screen which feature match rating form charts, overall stats, and the ability to sort by position.
  • Appearance of CPU players, based on region have been fixed
  • Players will be able to keep their own kit numbers in the game

User Interface

  • A new menu layout has replaced the old style in order to help navigation and additional content and statistics has been included.
  • There has been a revamped Club invite system. Removes old hidden system and comes including a transfer screen built into the mode, including showing all your requests as a player and manager. Invites also appear in your EA SPORTS hub and you can recommend clubs to your friends.
  • You can view other clubs within the menu and see their stats throughout the season. You can also request a transfer to that club
  • You can create/edit/search for clubs based on ‘position’. Easier to attract players to your club on what position you want. ‘Search Club’ also shows recommended clubs skill, language, Pro position, etc. Friends clubs are stored on a secondary tab.

Drop-In Matches

  • The removal of ‘ANY’ drop-in matches so games will become a more enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Matches have also been reduced to 5v5 (users) in order to get more time on the ball and ensure you play your favored position.
  • New uniforms have been added and stadium atmosphere has been lowered for a more authentic feel. No use of real league teams/stadiums.

Organizing Games

  • EASFC now allows you to send messages to all club members even if different modes are being played. You can then accept the invite in-game and go straight to the match lobby.
  • Kit selection step has been moved after matchmaking so ends the horrid kit-clashing scenarios.


  • The former Top 100 leaderboard has now returned in addition to the Seasons leaderboard.

Let us know your thoughts on these Pro Clubs changes via the comment section below.

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