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FIFA: 'Best Series Of All Time'


Pretty bold statement, but according to T3, FIFA has been voted the greatest gaming series of all time. Gaming website Playr2 has carried out a study, and the results are in.

A staggering 1862 gamers were questioned about their habits, and FIFA shone through. The top ten are listed below, I haven’t been able to find the original article, so I’ve no idea how the poll was done or what the percentages actually refer to. If anyone finds it, let me know.

1) FIFA – 72%

2) Final Fantasy – 67%

3) Super Mario Brothers – 61%

4) Sonic the Hedgehog- 55%

5) Zelda – 51%

6) Resident Evil – 49%

7) Call of Duty- 41%

8) Grand Theft Auto- 38%

9) Tomb Raider- 37%

10) Tony Hawk Pro Skater- 25%

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