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FIFA Football – Buyers Guide


It’s been a few weeks since the release of the Playstation Vita and the rigid stance on FIFA Football’s RRP seems to be dropping across the board. But just where is the cheapest place to pick up EA’s handheld football sim online?

Amazon UK – £34.97 (Free Delivery)

ShopTo – £36.85 (Free Delivery)

Play.com – £39.99 (Free Delivery)

zavvi – £34.95 – (Free Delivery)

Sainsbury’s – £34.99 (Free Delivery)

GAME – £39.99 – (Free Delivery)

hmv – £39.99 – (Free Delivery)

Cohaku – £35.01 – (£2.03 Delivery)

So there you have it, Amazon seems to be the place to go right now and it’s also worth mentioning that they’ve added FIFA Football to their bundle offer so that when you buy a PS Vita Wi-Fi for £197.00 you can get FIFA Football for just £15.

But if you’re not sure whether it’s worth your hard earned cash at all, you can check-out our FIFA Football review.

If you’ve managed to pick it up cheaper in-store anywhere let us know in the comments.

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