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FIFA Football Reviews Round-up


It’s been a big week for FIFA Football as the review embargo has now lifted and the mass gaming media have cast their opinion on the Playstation Vita’s only football offering. Here’s a handy round-up of what they all thought.

FIFA Soccer Blog – 8/10 – “Even though it’s lacking the features of FIFA 12 and the touch controls are slightly underwhelming, the beautiful game has never looked or played better on a handheld”

Eurogamer – 7/10 – “It will also undoubtedly be beaten into the turf by its own successor in less than a year’s time”

CVG – 8.5/10 – “Not perfect, but the best handheld game of football ever made”

Gamespot – 8/10 – “Don’t be too disappointed you’re not getting FIFA 12 – you’re still in for a really great time”

Videogamer – 8/10 – “if you want FIFA on the Vita, EA has delivered an excellent port of FIFA 11”

thesixthaxis – 8/10 – “FIFA Football is a seriously good first outing for the franchise on Vita and will be a delight for football fans on the go”

Official Playstation Magazine8/10 – “For a first-season effort, FIFA Football is a seriously impressive achievement”

Metro – 6/10 – “It’s clearly been quickly thrown together for the launch, with many features missing or out-of-date, but this is still an encouraging start for FIFA on the Vita”

NowGamer – 8/10 – “Niggles aside, this is one of Vita’s best games, a great game of football and a horrendous time-waster. Good enough for us”

Godisageek – 8/10 – “It’s bloody cool to play FIFA on the train”

Pretty much unanimous then.

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