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FIFA Manager 11 Releases Update 3


It’s been just a few weeks since FIFA 11’s transfer update was released and now fans of FIFA Manager 11 have exactly the same thing on offer. FIFA Manager 11 Update 3 is available now and can be downloaded directly from the FIFA Manager 11 website HERE or via the in-game updater located in the main menu.

“The whole FIFA MANAGER database is updated, including more than 2.200 winter transfers from all 46 licensed leagues are part of this update. Player levels have been adjusted based on the real performances of the first half of the season. Besides the more than 2,000 transfers more than 900 loans were implemented, 500 new player pictures were added and 150 new XXL player pictures bring even more realism to the virtual managers at home.”

Impressive stuff. One thing to bear in mind is that to utilise this transfer update you will need to start a new FIFA Manager 11 game save. Existing game saves will still work but will not have the new transfers, player photos etc.

You can see the full change log HERE

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