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FIFA Manager 13 Announced


FIFA Manager 13 has now been officially announced and you can find out about all the new features, as well as taking in some brand new screen shots in the press release below.

FIFA Manager 13 Press Release

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that EA SPORTS™ and Bright Future will offer a range of dynamic new features that will enable fans to perfect the art of team management in EA SPORTS™FIFA MANAGER 13, which launches in Autumn 2012.

FIFA MANAGER 13 introduces Team Dynamics, a new feature that brings the role of the trainer to life, encouraging players to pay close attention to relationships, egos and goals of individuals within the team. As the trainer, you get an overview of team hierarchy, rivalry, personality clashes, personal goals, and much more. New individual player objectives have a special role, and your team will only be successful with enough team leaders and everyone working towards the same objectives. Two new features called Team Matrix and Hierarchy Pyramid enables fan to quickly identify which players are having challenges and their impact on team dynamics. From balancing player rivalries to spending enough time understanding and setting player expectations, FIFA MANAGER 13 will push you to perfect the art of team management.

Once again, the transfer market is the heartbeat of FIFA MANAGER 13. Players now consider more than 40 criteria when making their decision on whether or not to transfer to a new club. From the new menu item Next Season Planner you can plan your future team in detail, see the impact of integrating potential newcomers into your existing team and try out new players.

The game also takes a visual leap forward with higher resolution graphics, numerous new fan banners that create a livelier atmosphere in the stadiums, and fans now wear shirts, scarves and jackets that show off their team colours, just like real life. Plus, the 3D game option has been refined, and tactical orders and individual instructions to players now have seamless settings which enable gamers to further fine-tune their tactical plans.

The successful campaign “Your Feature!” introduced last year that enables fans of the series to help design the game is back, and fans can go to http://www.fifa-manager.com/13 to suggest and vote for features. In voting thus far, several thousand participants have chosen features such as “Regional Talent Scouts”, “Buy-back Options” and “Shooting Stars During The Season” for development in FIFA MANAGER 13. More voting will take place in the coming weeks.

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