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FIFA Manager: We Want Your Questions


For an exclusive interview with Bright Future’s Gerald Kohler who is the Lead Designer on the FIFA Manager series. We want you to come up with the questions for this interview so that the FIFASoccerBlog community voice is being heard in all areas of the FIFA gaming world.

So if you want to know about the future of the FIFA Manager series, how their new initiative “Your Feature” works, how a football management game is made and how they tie in with the rest of the EA SPORTS FIFA series then ask away, the floor is yours.

Even if you’ve never played FIFA Manager before you may still be interested in the football management genre and how the team at Bright Future approach their version of football management simulation.

Put all questions for Gerald Kohler in to the comments field please, then we’ll pick the very best and send them off to the development studio. Look out for the full interview over the next few weeks to see if your question got the answered it wanted…

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