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FIFA Manager – Your Feature Round 2


The FIFA Manager team certainly aren’t messing around this year as Your Feature Round 2 is already open for business. So that’s one community driven feature already in the bag for this years game then, result.

Your options from the community are:

A) Monthly training report
A special monthly screen will keep you up-to-date on your players’ training progress. Next to various statistics, this screen also provides you with additional info like e.g. “the player with the best form who didn’t play”. 

B) Friendlies for your second team
If your first team has no scheduled game, you have the option to manage your reserve instead. You will then also be responsible for lineups, substitutions and the like. 

C) Repurchase
In certain cases, you might have a bad feeling after you sold one of your players. We will implement a repurchase option which gives you the chance to buy him back if he performs impressively at his new club. This will of course only be possible for a higher prize as the one you got for the initial transfer! 

D) Set of features
We include the option to create the partner of your character on your own, design him the way you want him to be. In addition, we overhaul the UEFA Coefficient Ranking, differentiate the various positions by color and also show how many clubs of a country were qualified for the competitions and how many of them are still in it. In the player search you will be able to select the desired position (via a small pitch). If we have time left, small ideas from the thread of wishes will be realized as well. 

E) Future of youth players
Status quo is that all youth players from your youth team that you do not sign are taken out of the game. We would change that and the players might even write you letters of thanks, if they for example made it to the National team.

To make your choice head over to FIFA-Manager.com and Cast Your Vote


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