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FIFA Manager – Your Feature Round 4


Your feature is continuing at quite some pace in the gear up for FIFA Manager 13 and Round 4 is now open for your votes.

As well as that there’s the first in a new FIFA Manager blog series where producer Sebastian Reutz brings you “News From The Database“. Here are your choices for Your Feature Round 4.

A) Escape clause for particular clubs and getting loaned-out players back
During negotiations, players might from now on demand an escape clause for certain clubs. Some players have a club favorite club, a club they always wanted to play for or a club where they want to end their career. You can select such a club in the editor. 

In addition, we implement the option to get a loaned-out player in the winter break back to you club, for example if they haven’t played for their new club. 

B) Dynamic league development
The individual leagues are constantly re-evaluated based on a series of criteria like financial status, international successes, balance, attendance, quality of the arenas and the like. This evaluation furthermore influences the income from television contracts and the general prestige level of the clubs.

C) More detailed player search option
We will extract the already screen “World’s Best” from the statistics area and move it to the player search area. New search criteria will be nationality, league and position. Besides the option to sort after player abilities, you can also sort after player level, market value, goals, appearances, caps and the like. This way you have the perfect tool at hand to find the best players in all categories within second and compare them to similar players. 

D) Coach Profile
We analyze you as a coach in detail. Which formation do you use the most? How successful and effective are your training methods? How do you talk to your players in the week, before the game or in the half-time? What are your substitution patterns? How do you deal with the media? Of course, we also take a look at your overall strengths and weaknesses and tell you in which fields you could still improve. 

E) Club members
We boost the importance of club members. Success and transfers will have a much heavier influence on your members’ behavior. The signing of certain players can trigger unrest or even lead to large number of fans withdrawing their membership. In addition, the service you provide your club members plays an important role and ultimately influences the membership fee.

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