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FIFA Manager: Your Feature


It’s not very often fans get to choose what they want in their next FIFA game but this year that’s exactly what’s happening to the FIFA Manager series. This week the exciting new initiative “Your Feature” was launched allowing FIFA Manager fans to decide exactly what they want the development team to work on and implement for this year’s game. Here’s how it works…

Step 1: The community come up with their FIFA Manager wish list.

Step 2: Rounds of voting take place to find the communities favourite ideas.

Step 3: The community are kept up to date during the development process via the “Thread of Fulfilment” receiving updates and screen-shots as the community features evolve and get implemented.

Personally I think the “Your Feature” initiative is a breath of fresh air for the genre and clear show of trust from the development studio. Gathering feedback is one thing but letting the community decide how the game is being made is something else entirely. We’ll keep a close eye on this one as it progresses keeping you up to date on the community wishes that make the grade and enter development.

You can catch the full article here: FIFA Manager: Your Feature

Do you think this initiative could work for all FIFA titles? Could you see this happening for the console version of FIFA?

This post now features on the Official FIFA Manager Website: FIFASoccerBlog

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