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FIFA Montage Madness


Once again it all started on Twitter and now we have a full scale FIFA Montage Madness war on our hands. The very best FIFA editors and goal scoring experts from the UK and Scandinavia are going head to head in a You Tube face-off to see who can produce the best FIFA montage. This one could get messy…

The teams and editors have already been decided so here are the UK and Scandinavian rosters:

Scandinavian Team:

  • FifaRalle,
  • Teo2609,
  • AfroProductions,
  • MrSkoldie,
  • Trulssii,
  • GudjonDaniel
  • Editor: iXagy

UK Team:

  • Duaineml0,
  • R9Rai,
  • Joshflip1989,
  • KSI (JJ),
  • Zerkaa,
  • Small beans
  • Editor: idueli

I think it’s safe to say that when these two videos are completed, they could be some of the best FIFA work we’ve ever seen. Good luck to both teams. #FIFAMontageMadness

Thanks to Sweetpatch.tv and Wepeeler for the heads up.

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