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FIFA Online Coming To China


Big news for our viewers in China! It’s official, FIFA Online 3 is coming to mainland China following it’s success in Korea.

For almost a decade now FIFA has been available as a Free-To-Play version in Korea due to the different gaming market in that region of Asia. The gaming industry is changing and the Asian market prefers this business model which is why EA Sports has catered to them over the last few years. The recently launched FIFA Online 3 (which we detailed here) has now been officially be published and available in China through a deal between EA and Tencent.

There re very few details at the moment, however, during an investor call today, EA COO Peter Moore had this to say;

“The world’s biggest online publisher is bringing the world’s biggest game to the world’s biggest market.”

Given how big the Chinese market is, this is bound to be a huge success for EA. In Korea, FIFA Online 3 is the country’s top online game by traffic and revenue.

Source: Polygon


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