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FIFA Street – Buyers Guide



Next week see’s the release of EA SPORTS rebooted FIFA Street franchise but just where is the cheapest place to pick it up online and who is stocking the Leo Messi pre-order bonus content? Find all that and more, in our FIFA Street buyers guide.

Zavvi – £36.85 (Includes Pre-Order All Star Adidas Team DLC)

Shopto – £36.85 (Includes Pre-Order All Star Adidas Team DLC)

Amazon – £37.47  (Includes Pre-Order All Star Adidas Team DLC)

Asda – £37.47

Tesco – £37.47

Gamestop – £37.97

Sainsburys – £38.99

Play.com – £39.99 (Includes Pre-Order All Star Adidas Team DLC)

Argos – £39.99

GAME – Not Stocking

Gamestation – Not Stocking

So it’s Zavvi and Shopto offering FIFA Street for the least cash and both stores have the pre-order All Star Adidas Team DLC as well, not bad. As always it’s likely there will be a super market bargain to be had on release day and if you can find FIFA Street cheaper anywhere else, let us know in the comments.

FIFA Street is available in the UK on March 16th.

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