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FIFA Street: Demo Details


Gamesradar have released a run through of the demo (that’s what the video is called anyway, they’re using teams that supposedly aren’t available in it….) confirming that you’ll be able to play as Manchester City, AC Milan, One of the street teams, and the Adidas All Star Pre Order Bonus team.

The Free Play Mode available in the demo will be 5 a side but if you jump into world tour you’ll also be able to unlock a freestyle match. Bit of a disappointing show to be honest, I understand they can’t put everything into the demo, but there are a HUGE number of people on the fence, waiting for the demo to help them make their minds up. From what we’ve played, this isn’t going to show the best of the game off.

If you want to know more about the available match types, check out our Match Type Preview.

Another point of note is that the demo is said to be available on the 28th in NA and the 29th in Europe, so we’ll have to see what happens with that.

Thanks to Tom Moxey for the link.


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