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FIFA Street: Demo Feedback


The demo has now been out for a couple of days and judging by our comment section a fair few of you have been smashing it.

As with anything, we’re expecting to see issues and niggles but rather than have them scattered across various posts, it’s easier for us to collate and pass to EA if it’s all in one place.

So what are your gripes with the demo? Avoiding obvious things like the restrictions on match types or difficulty etc, we’re talking specifically about things that could have an impact in the final game.

Do you find R1 Air beats to be too overpowered? Do you find it extremely difficult to get the ball off of someone holding down RS? Have you found a bug you want us to point out?

We’d also like to stay away from “It’s shit!” or “I don’t like it!” unless you also elaborate on why. It’s just clogs up the comments.

Let us know what you’ve found.

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