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FIFA Street: Notes From The Live Stream


Can’t be bothered to watch the full live stream? Well you should, because it was very good.

However, we know not everyone has time for that kind of thing, so we re-watched it and boiled the new stuff down into the following bullet points. We’ve even thrown in some screen grabs. We’re nice like that.

  • Some of the Real Street Footballers you can expect to see in the game are: Séan Arnaud Garnier,  Soufiane ‘Bencok’ El Marnissi, Edward van Gils, Issy ‘Hitman’ Hamdaoui, Jayzinho and Soufiane Touzani.
  • You can use licensed kits, but there’s also branded training gear.
  • No paid DLC, so no discount benefits, but Season Ticket holders will be able to access the game from the 10th of March.
  • Smaller arenas rely on player and crowd calls for audio, but as you progress to larger, more professional arenas and tournaments, you’ll start to see Mcs and Announcers calling out key moments.


  • In the demo you’ll be able to start World Tour, Create Your Player, Create Your Team and download friends characters. Then you can play matches to upgrade those characters and unlock tricks. All teams created will be uploaded to the EA Servers and will be available when the full game releases.

World Tour:

  • The countries listed that you can start World Tour in are England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and North America, then within those you can drill down into different regions.
  • Within each region you’ll have three challenges and a tournament.
  • Challenges are one off, mainly used to level up and unlock gear.
  • Each challenge will feature a different game mode such Panna, 4v4 first to five goals and so on.
  • Each challenge will have a leaderboard to compare completion against friends, for example most goals or fastest completion time.
  • Tournaments are more geared towards the actual progression of World Tour.
  • Challenges and Tournaments will be played against other teams that have been created in that region.
  • When adding a player to your squad, you’re presented with the option to create new or download friends player. When you select download friends player, you’re given a list of your friends gamertags/PSN ids, select the one you want, click download and they’re in your squad. By the looks of things they start on your team at the level they were at when you downloaded them with 0 points to spend on upgrades. Can’t confirm that, but it’s certainly how it looks from watching the process.
  • All Tournaments can be played online.

FIFA Street Network:

  • From any screen, hitting the back/select button will take you to the FIFA Street Network.
  • The events are similar to those you’d see pop up in FIFA 12.
  • You can break the events into tabs, All events, Media, World Tour and Online, and there’s also an “add a friend” function.
  • From the media tab you can view a list of your friends media uploads and easily view them straight from the game.
  • You could see some “Video of the week” placeholders in the video, suggesting that EA will be selecting a video each week to push out to all FIFA Street players. Again, not confirmed, just going on what you can see.
  • Leaderboards can be broken up by Character Level, Division Standings and EASFC Progress.


  • In H2H seasons you’ll use your created team from World Tour against other peoples created teams.
  • H2H Seasons play will contribute to your team/players progression, encouraging players to stay in matches even if they’re losing.
  • OTP is 5v5 with invite support. No Pro Clubs.

Some of this was already public knowledge, but it’s all taken from the Live Stream, so it should be accurate. We’re not perfect however, so don’t shoot us if we’ve misunderstood anything. It’s also not everything. We’d still recommend you watch the video.

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