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FIFA Street Preview: Your Questions Answered


You asked, and we’ve done our best to answer…

*The build of FIFA Street we played was an Alpha version of the game and was not representative of the final product. We played on the Xbox 360 and all online functionality was disabled*

Twitter Questions:

How is the Career Mode (World Tour) part of FIFA Street?

Tom: It’s great, but rather than regurgitate stuff, you can read the full preview of World Tour.

Is there a Pro Clubs mode?/Is there an Ultimate Team mode for FIFA Street?/What Online modes are there?

Tom: We didn’t get to see the online suite I’m afraid. We’re doing another Developer Q&A soon so we’ll try to get all online bits answered then.

Can you create a Virtual Pro?

Tom: Not in the way you have done in previous FIFAs. You do create a character in World Tour, but it’s not a VP with accomplishments and there’s no Game Face support either sadly.

FSB Community Questions:

Tom Moxey: What teams and arenas are in FIFA Street?

Tom: Loads. We’re hoping to get a complete list of them together soon. You can’t play every match type in every arena though so we’ll try to get that information for you as well.

Eric: How many players from each team are available, do you have a full squad?

Dave: You don’t have a full squad in the traditional FIFA 12 sense but you do have anywhere between 10 and 15 of the best players from each team to select. Given that the maximum number you can use in any match is 6, that’s ample.

Mendieta: Are there different weather conditions?

Dave: Sadly no but there are more than enough arena’s to provide sufficient variety and some of these venues show off day, night and indoor conditions.

Is the Impact Engine improved from FIFA 12 and how will this affect gameplay ie. player collision, physicality etc?

Dave: With the pitch size condensed the Impact Engine is certainly more evident in FIFA Street although there were still some issues with players reacting strangely to heavy contact but it was an Alpha build we were playing after all so that was probably to be expected.

Is diving part of FIFA Street? Or shirt pulling (push/pull)?

Dave: There’s no diving or shirt pulling in FIFA Street but you still have Tactical Defending and the use of push/pull.

Can you use objects such as bars, walls, to hit the ball in order to manoeuvre around players?

Tom: Yep, it’s great, discussed on the podcast but if you play a 1-2 with yourself (double tap pass) off a wall, it’ll come back with some pace on it. But if you try the same thing off of a chain-link fence, the ball is cushioned and probably won’t make it back to you.

Tim: Are their penalties in FIFA Street, how do they work?

Tom: Didn’t get to take any, but we did face one and as a keeper, it’s the same as FIFA 12. Penalties are only a possibility in the matches/tournaments which have referee’s.

Fasyx: Is the skill dribbling the same as FIFA 12?

Tom: Nope, Dave has explained how the dribbling etc works in the Gameplay Preview.

Luke: Will there be actual street players in the game eg, Issy Hitman and Edward Van Gils?

Tom: Yes to the street players, but we didn’t get to see who. We’re hoping to get full lists before release but can’t promise anything, if not we’ll do them as soon as we have retail copies but yes, FIFA Street does have real street players.

Will Futsal matches have the correct rules eg, can’t pass back into your own half once over the half way line?

Tom: Yes they do, including the fact that that isn’t a Futsal rule. I certainly couldn’t find any references to it in the rules, maybe you’re thinking of Basketball?

Shane: Have they recorded any new goalkeeper animations especially for FIFA Street?

Dave: Goalkeeper animations on the whole are the same but in true street fashion you can now use the skill pass modifier (L1) on goalkeeper throws. For example a keeper can throw the ball to a team mate through his own legs now, which we loved using.

BC87X: How is the player personality, are individual players distinctive visually (face, boots, body type) and in the way they play?

Dave: Yes, most definitely and the variety of the street clothing they wear is also really good. When going in to a match you can choose whether your team wear their licensed football kits or street wear and the street apparel randomises every time. We played a lot of World Tour mode so we didn’t have much contact with real footballers but Messi is predictably insane to control.

Sebastian: What customisation options are available?

Dave: Loads really and as you progress through World Tour you unlock more and more kits and accessories. When you create a street team you can customise the team badge, kits and each member of your squads appearance individually.

Theirfan38: What about the tactical defending?? Do you see any difference (progress) comparing to FIFA12?

Tom: Contain is better than in FIFA 12 because it brings you in to pretty much the ideal position, but outside of that it’s basically the same. Dave went into more detail in the Gameplay Preview.

How are the graphics are they exactly the same than FIFA12?

Tom: Hard to compare as the environments are so different. I’d say that FIFA 12 has better player models, but FIFA Street is brighter, prettier and generally easier on the eye, even in some of the grey urban arenas.

Can a defender do the same tricks as a forward? I mean can Ferdinand can do the same as Ronaldo?

Dave: All players can do all tricks once they’ve been unlocked. But it depends on player attributes how successful these tricks are compared with other players. So if Ferdinand does a double step over, Ronaldo’s version will be faster and more powerful because of his attributes.

Eli: How effective are aerial passes in such a small pitch?

Dave: They’re actually quite useful to pass to a team mate that’s across the pitch or to try and set up more spectacular finishes like overhead kicks. We did manage to cross and score a header in a 5-a-side goal so yeah, quite effective.

Are skills necessary to beat a player, or can fast players be used to run straight through?

Tom: Depends on the match type/arena in a way but sprinters won’t be steaming straight down the middle of the pitch. At the same time, you don’t HAVE to use tricks to beat players but it’s obviously the most effective way. Knock ons work pretty well too, but you need space to knock the ball into which isn’t always available.

Adam: Is FIFA Street easy for non-skillers to pick up and play or is it more suited to those who have somewhat mastered skills in FIFA 12?

Tom: Definitely easy to pick up. The trick system is really well designed, you’ll grasp feints and general ball control immediately. The tougher tricks are still fairly easy in terms of input, but you need to apply context to get the most out them. Neither Dave or myself are big on tricks in Fifa 12 but we still hit the ground running, that said, we did have Hjerpseth helping us out. You’ll be chaining combos in no time though.

Kieron: How many players a side can we have?

Tom: Up to six, depending on the match type. Panna for example is always 2v2.

Zidane: Is there an Arena mode before matches in FIFA Street?

Tom: No, just a loading screen. There is a 1vKeeper practise arena that you can jump into though, so you do have a place to learn and perfect tricks.

Happyfeet-efc: Can you create a team without being on World Tour Mode?

Tom: We didn’t get a chance to try, but I’m certain I saw it referenced in the team selection window, so I’m pretty sure you can.

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