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FIFA Street Reviews Round-up



As I’m sure you all know by now we plumped for a 7/10 in our FIFA Street Review and predictably some of you agreed, some of you thought we were generous and others were disgusted with our constructive negativity. Just another day on FSB then, but what did everyone else think?

Here’s a round-up of the the best FIFA Street Reviews everywhere else on the web…

IGN8/10 – “FIFA Street is more about fantasy fulfilment: it’s about nonchalantly pulling off audacious tricks, scoring outrageous goals, and humiliating your friends in the process”

Eurogamer8/10 – “This is still unpretentious fun, but now it’s also a surprisingly deep and characterful little sports game, and a welcome stopgap between FIFA 12 and 13”

CVG8.5/10 – “Polished in a way only EA can, FIFA Street is a quality offshoot – ping pong to the main game’s tennis”

TheSixthAxis8/10 – “FIFA Street is a very enjoyable game, even though it’s not the game I expected”

Joystiq2.5/5 – “The latest FIFA Street could be the foundation of a great game down the line; it just isn’t one now”

OXM7/10 – “Still, if you’re getting bored of FIFA and like your football a little more vibrant, this is a decent if not essential choice”

VideoGamer8/10 – “Messi’s appearance as poster boy is not coincidental to the sudden increase in quality, as FIFA Street strikes an enticing balance between trickery and an all-round solid game”

Metro7/10 – “It’s as gritty as a corporate luncheon, but this is a worthwhile, if lightweight, alternative to FIFA 12 – even if it still doesn’t fulfil the potential of the concept”

The Guardian8.5/10 – “It’s worth a look, particularly if you appreciate football skillshots, or like to play 5-a-side after work”

Playstation Universe7.5/10 – “If you can get past the poor A.I., occasionally frustrating goalkeeping, and controls that are just a bit slow, you’ll find a lot to like about FIFA Street”

Official Playstation Magazine8/10 – “This is a fantastic alternative to the main series – offering up all the thrills of your Monday-night work league”

We’ll continue to update this post throughout the day.

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