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FIFA Street: YouTube Community Montages *Updated*


Last week EA held an event for some of the bigger names in the FIFA YouTube community.

As well as getting their hands on the game, they were able to capture footage, which will no doubt be uploaded as soon as possible. This is the first to go live, from Rob Smith aka Wepeeler and it’s awesome.

Expect tonnes more like this once the demo is out…


*Update* – check this one out from FIFARalle


*Update* – check this one out from KSIOlajidebt edited by iduel2010


*Update* – here’s AA9skillz taking you through the FIFA Street Menus.


*Update* – here’s another from 


*Updated* – and another, this time from 


 Some truly awesome stuff coming out already from these guys and we’ll continue to update this post as more videos roll in.

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