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FIFA Superstars iOS


FIFA Superstars has finally made it’s way onto iOS. We first posted about it back in September, but then everything went quiet. Now it’s live and can be downloaded from the app store. It’s free to play too. Sort of.

EA have caught some flack recently for their handling of the free to play model employed by Theme Park iOS, so it seems fitting that you’re spammed with little “reminders” that Theme Park is also available whilst playing, they’re both made by the same studio you see.

It leans heavily on the slow paced free to play model, with options to pay for faster progression. “Look at this, get free coins”, “Add Origin Friends, get match tokens” that kind of thing. The only currency you can generate with any sort of regularity is cash, which also happens to be the least useful. You’re frequently dangled the carrot of coming back later to get more stuff, negating the fact that you’ve opened the app to play it there and then.

You can buy premium cash, one of the in game currencies, with the largest bundle tipping in at £69.99, which seems rather optimistic to me. That 70 quid will net you 4000 “Premium Cash” which is difficult to come by just through playing the game. In the hour or so I’ve played my Premium cash has increased by 7.

Much like Ultimate Team, you obtain your new players through packs. The most expensive pack costs 1500 “Premium Cash” which gets you 4 Ultimate players (84+), 8 pieces of equipment and 6 tactics. If you were to spend £70 on top end players, you could potentially get about 10, plus some platinum ones. Not exactly great value for money.

Initial impressions are that you’ll have to plough days into this app to get anything from it, and the hilarious thing is it won’t really let you do that, as once you’ve used up your match tokens, you have to wait (or pay) for more.

Apologies if any of this is common knowledge from the IdiotBook version, I don’t use it, and apologies if it’s overly negative but I was looking forward to this coming out and it feels like I’ve been kicked in the balls.

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