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FIFA WC2010 A Hidden Gem?


There seems to have been a mini revolution on Twitter in the last week or so with the emphasis shifting from FIFA 11 and its faults to FIFA World Cup 2010 and just how good it was. The team at WENB are mighty impressed with it along with some prominent FIFA community members and sites as well. Some have called it the best FIFA to date, so do we have a hidden gem on our hands here?

I’ve been back and played FIFA World Cup 2010 a lot recently and I’ve had a blast. The game has a few issues which hamper the experience a little but in terms of overall enjoyment I really can’t knock it so far. With the game flying around on the internet at the moment for as little as £10 it also represents very good value as well.

If there’s enough interest we’ll go back and do a proper FIFA 2010 World Cup review (as myself and Tom weren’t around at the time) and try to find out what FIFA can learn from this game, if anything and if it’s really as good as people say it is.

So, what do you think of FIFA World Cup 2010? Do you love it, hate it or just don’t care about World Cup games? Or is it in fact the best FIFA game we’ve seen this generation?

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