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FIFA12 3DS and NGP?


It’s not exactly a concrete confirmation and could also be filed under O for obvious, but according to the Linkedin profile of José Galera Pérez, a software engineer at EA, he’s currently working on FIFA12 for nearly all platforms including the 3DS and NGP, with only the iPhone missing from the list.

Although not officially announced, we know FIFA 12 is coming, but it’s still nice to see that EA are keeping up with the times and developing for the new handhelds.

Will it be any good? Who knows. I’ve personally found FIFA on the DS to be poor up til now and sadly haven’t got my hands on a 3DS yet so can’t comment firsthand on it’s awesomeness, but you’d like to think that FIFAs first 3D outing lives up to the high standard the hardware has set.

Thanks to CVG for the post and Graham Day for the heads up.

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