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FIFA12 3DS Officially Announced


We touched on it recently, but now it’s official, FIFA12 will be coming to the 3DS this Autumn. Announced earlier today, the press release is pretty juicy. Firstly, Matt Prior (of UT and WC2010 fame) is working on it. Secondly, it will feature:

??Over 500 officially licensed clubs, new touch screen controls that will change the gameplay experience, and the first ever 3D Street Football. With eight different game modes, it is the largest feature set ever developed by EA SPORTS for a hand-held football game.

So far so good. The new touch screen controls sound interesting, with precision shooting from the players viewpoint utilizing the bottom screen and the ability “draw” your shots from set pieces, in a similar way to iPhone games like flick kick football.

From a 3D point of view it looks like it will be standard fare, with the exception of a curved pitch in the Street mode that “truly bring the 3D elements to life”. Having still not played a 3DS, I can’t really comment on how good the 3D is, but as long as it adds to the experience then it’s fine by me. Elsewhere in Street mode, it’s 5v5, with both indoor and outdoor locations.

In BAP, you’ll be able to take your created player and grow them through being a street player before making the step to club, and then finally international football. It’s a slightly different take on an existing model, but sounds pretty interesting nonetheless.

Other details revealed include Career Mode, no specifics on it as yet other than it will be “full and in-depth”, a statement that’s sure to wind up console CM players, A Tournament mode featuring over 50 real-world competitions, Training mode and a selection of nine different camera angles and, drum roll please…… head to head matches over Nintendo wifi, something that was sadly missing from the recent iPhone multiplayer update. EA also released the two screen shots I’ve embedded in the article.

So, do any FSB readers own a 3DS yet? Is FIFA on the 3DS enough to make you want one? As always, share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can read the announcement in full on EA.com

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