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FIFA12: "Close To Photo-realistic"


David Rutter has been chatting to CVG again. This time, the topic of discussion was visuals.

When asked how close EA were to photo realism, the response was…. Confident.

I think we’re pretty close, We break down the game in close scrutiny rather than general scrutiny – I think [now] if you saw someone playing FIFA from a distance you wouldn’t know. There are believability challenges around faces and things like that, but the physicality of the players, the lighting, the cameras the setting… the whole thing from a distance looks amazing.”

There has also been lots of speculation recently regarding the next generation of consoles and when we might see them, maybe it’s not going to be as soon as everyone thinks?

“We literally haven’t given it a moment’s thought, We’re busy scurrying around on 360, PS3 and PC. Could we go across [to a new console]? Probably, but we’re not doing anything in that direction now.”

There are also a few nuggets mentioned for PC players, FIFA12 will be available through Origin, but Steam remains unconfirmed.

Speaking frankly, I’d like to know what kind of distances we’re talking about. FIFA 12 does look good, especially in terms of the way players move around the pitch, but I’m not sure about mistaking it for a real match. Not yet anyway.

You can read the full interview at CVG.

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