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FIFA12: Creation Centre


If you go and log into Creation Centre, there are a few little details on the changes being made for FIFA12. Or, you can read them here.

In 25 days, the new Creation Centre site will launch, and here are some of the changes we can expect to see.

Create a Tournament

The ability to use custom images as team crest and shirt sponsor

More shirt models and colours

More appearance options for player creation

More accessories

The ability to use licensed players, teams and stadiums

Much more

Some decent new additions, there is however a caveat.

*Some of the new features and functionality require the purchase of a PDLC entitlement.

We know that Season Ticket will be needed to use custom images (which on further reflection, actually makes sense, I’ll come back to that), and from the wording of the press release, it looks like it’ll also be needed for the create a tournament and the “deeper set of customisation tools and abilities”. So basically, people will have to pay to get the most out of Creation Centre. Feels like a bit of a kick in the teeth, given the lack of options last year. We’ll have to wait for the site launch to see what’s changed for standard users too.

I don’t think that EA are daft enough to restrict content like certain haircuts and boots to premium users, I’m sure they’re aware that doing so would upset a lot of people, but you never know, they might be looking at it as rewarding premium users rather than punishing standard users.

I think charging for the use of custom images has been put in for a reason. It’s a feature that’s open to abuse and I’m sure EA don’t want to be diverting resources away from the development of CC to help police users. Putting a financial entry barrier on it makes it less susceptible to abuse in my opinion. Having a feature that can be revoked, that costs real money, should make people think twice about uploading a pair of hairy nads onto their clubs shirt. Probably. Or I’m totally wrong about it and EA just saw it as a widely requested feature and a chance to take more money off of us.

Also cleared up is how content created for FIFA 11 will carry into FIFA 12. All teams and players will be able to shift across, but once the new website goes live, any new items or items from FIFA 11 that are edited will only be usable in FIFA 12. Simply put, if you still want to be able to use your content in FIFA 11, you’ll need to create fresh teams and players or hold fire on updating them. Whether or not your teams and players will continue to work if you update online but don’t pull the changes onto your console is still unknown.

Thanks to ShakesUK for the heads up.


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