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FIFA12: More News To Come


Pretty obvious really but for stat fans, there is still 25% of all the available FIFA12 news still to come. Whatever that means.

According to FIFAVoetbal.net, big DR has indicated that we’re still in the dark over a quarter of the features or additions that we’ll see in FIFA12. They speculate that the unknown will be graphical changes and true faces, but personally I’d wager it’s all about online. We’ve not heard anything so far regarding Clubs, BAP, changes to lobbies or even potential news modes, and apparently we still haven’t seen all there is to see in regards to EASFC.

By the end of Gamescom, we should know all there is to know. Then we can talk amongst ourselves until release. Gamescom runs from 17-21 of August.

You can read the translated article here.

Not really a news post I know, I just fancied making a graph. You guys can use the comments to point out what other areas we don’t know about yet.


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