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FIFApp 'For Gamers, Made By Gamers' – FIFMate


We love bringing you new features here at FIFASoccerBlog and we would like to introduce you to our new feature which focuses on you, the brilliant FIFA Community.

This feature will aim to show off your creations in the application market, whether that be iOS or Android.

Today’s application that we will be featuring is iOS application FIFMate by FSB Reader, Colton Gyulay which can be downloaded here.  A description of FIFScout, Screenshots and an Interview with Colton himself can be seen below. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Colton’s application below and if you have made a FIFA app which you would like featured here at FSB, send us an email at adam.neaves@kitanamedia.com


“FIFMate is a scouting companion for the FIFA soccer/football series. It offers a comprehensive player search that allows filtering by name, country, club, potential, overall, age, position, and every attribute (sprint speed, finishing, interceptions, etc). FIFMate also provides full player pages that include growth and player information as well as skill moves and work rates. Users can easily scout new prospects and track them on a shortlist within the app.”


Q1. Hi Colton, Thank for you agreeing to the interview. What gave you the idea to make FIFMate?
I’ve always been pretty interested in sports statistics and FIFA, and I found these start to overlap as FIFA’s career and ultimate team modes progressed. My friends and I would have management competitions – where we might bring a team from League 2 to the top, for example – and there were some websites I used to help pick out young talents. I wanted this same scouting ability on my phone, so I built out the early stages of FIFMate for myself and friends first and eventually released it so more people could benefit.

Q2. Why should people pick FIFMate over others on the market?
FIFMate right now offers the most extensive search and filtering I’ve seen, while maintaining a simple interface for users. It offers the best tools for a career mode manager: it’s wholly geared towards scouting high-growth and high-potential players for a career. Most other tools are completely focused on ultimate team. I’ll definitely expand in that direction, but I want to provide as complete an experience as possible for all game types. The primary users want as in-depth an experience as they can find – and FIFMate is there for them.

Q3. How long have you been playing FIFA and what changes would you like seen in the future?
I’ve been playing FIFA on/off for the past five years, perhaps more on than off. I’d love to see FIFA’s career mode come closer to what the Football Manager series offers, especially in terms of the scouting network/finding new players. I do think, though, the gameplay is the key component. It’s still rough around the edges at times, where attacking players might make awkward runs or a player will head rather than kick the ball in unlikely situations. The FIFA series has still done immensely well big picture wise; it’s the absolute best game to play with friends, and they’ve done particularly well with growing the ultimate team game mode in recent years.

Q4. Do you think that iOS/Android applications for FIFA and PES will get more and more popular in the future and why?
This is always going to be a niche market – there are only so many fans of the game serious enough to download an auxiliary app for it. I see a lot of growth, though, in the companion app market in general. Every big game is looking for better ways to engage users outside of the gameplay. EA has done well to release their own ultimate team app but they’ve certainly left something to be desired for fans of career mode and even still the more serious fans of ultimate team. I think FIFMate can stay ahead of the curve and offer the most complete mobile tool for these power users.


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