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FIFASoccerBlog.com Xbox 360 Online League Update #2


We’re finally on course to get this show on the road! The following players have been selected and must contact me with their Xbox 360 gamertag via the email link by Monday (otherwise your place will be offered on a first come first served basis to other FSB readers).

  1. chrizutd
  2. Hampus
  3. Tucky15
  4. Rasmus
  5. Leo
  6. Jesper
  7. truplaya86
  8. David
  9. George
  10. James Coughlan
  11. Mark
  12. tarlcrosby
  13. Art Pisanski
  14. mark (AKA chalkie34)
  15. Bradford J Matthews
  16. egyptenaar
  17. Cheeky Monkey
  18. fantasticba4
  19. Me ( AKA Jay D78)
  20. and our very own Suffwan

UPDATE (03/11/08): We now have 17 confirmed for the league, which means 3 people didn’t respond by today’s deadline. So there is now space for 3 more players in the league – get emailing me with your Xbox Live gamertag and your forum user name. First three confirmed will be in. Please remember it’s EU players only at the moment.

UPDATE (05/11/08): Entries now closed!

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