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Whoop whoop! That’s the sound of the news alarm because it’s time for your daily dose of gaming news.

DiRT 4

An official gameplay trailer for DiRT 4 has just sped onto the scene, showcasing a minute of glorious pedal to the metal action. The first thing you’ll notice is just how incredible this game looks. From the plumes of dust spewing from your tyres to the lashes of rain pelting the car’s bodywork. It really looks incredible. What you might not notice, however, are some more of the nitty gritty deets on what the game offers. On account of them not being mentioned in the trailer.

In DiRT 4 players will get to take control of over 50 off-road vehicles including; the Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, Subaru WRX STI NR4 and the Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2. 5 rally locations are thrown into the mix spanning across all corners of the globe; Australia, Spain, Michigan, Sweden & Wales. I’ve got nothing against Wales but the list definitely looks like the judge’s houses on X-Factor when some unlucky soul gets partnered with Louis.

As expected from a DiRT game there will also be a nice variation of game modes spanning across both single and multiplayer. There is also a new Dirt Academy being introduced which lets you hone your skills and techniques with unique lessons. Gearheads will also be happy to hear that tuning is returning, allowing you to craft the perfect ride. Wear and tear is also thrown into the mix along with two handling modes; Gamer and Simulation. All signs are pointing to this being another great DiRT game.

The game will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One June 9th.


Nintendo Switch is selling like hot cakes

It’s been announced today that 2.74 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold to date. 2.74 million! That’s incredible, and really good news for gamers. It’s already on track to take over the Wii U in sales by this time next year, with an estimated total sales of 10 million by fall of this year. This pleases me greatly as I was worried about the tenure of Nintendo, in the house of gaming, should the switch be another Wii U but fortunately my worries can be cast aside. Here’s to a fruitful future for Nintendo and hopefully, this means we’ll get plenty more titles being released over the next year and onwards.

Warhammer 40k – Dawn of War 3

4k gaming is only just taking over the scene then bam! Warhammer comes in with 10x the k’s. Dawn of War 3 out today on PC! I’ve never actually played a Dawn of War game, at least not properly, on account of me not having a decent gaming rig but they always look like a hoot. Because of that, I’m probably not the best guy to announce that Dawn of War 3 is out today but hey, it is, and if you like Warhammer or wars that haven’t quite come to fruition yet, I should say this game will be right up your alley.


Let’s prey it’s a good en

From today gamers can download the demo for Prey. Remember demos? They’re basically a tiny piece of the game that you can play for free, kind of a cool idea eh? This demo differs slightly in that it lets you experience the first hour of the game, not just some limited section. The demo can be downloaded on PS4 and Xbox One now!

Final Fantasy XV update out now

A new free update for Final Fantasy XV is available to download right now. The update opens up a list of new resolutions for Playstation 4 Pro players alongside a bunch of other stuff. Timed quests are now being ranked allowing you to collect rewards for completing them. The first reward is the afrosword, a Greatsword inspired by Afrojack, no I’m not making this up. There are also some new car decals to trick out your Regalia with, some extra songs added the music player and bigger font sizes for menus and subtitles. Fonts!

And finally here’s a new video showcasing the roster for upcoming fight ’em up Tekken 7 showcasing 8 fighters.


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