Final Fantasy Big Planet VII!?


A dedicated fan to the Final Fantasy series has produced Final Fantasy VII in its entirety, using the Little Big Planet 2 build engine.

Word on the street is that it took 6 months for Jamie Colliver to recreate the epic adventure that includes all of the familliar enemies, boss battles, music and word for word conversation… With one or two Little Big Planet additions on the way.

Spanning over 20 Little Big Planet 2 levels and 6 videos, you can check it all out on Jamie Colliver’s youtube channel.

If you have a spare minute… or 30… here is episode 1.


Great effort! Now where can I get me a Cloud Sack Boy!?

Thanks Eurogamer


You know you're a gamer when you live for the smell of a feshly opened game, mmmmmmm yes! I fell in love with games the day I was given a NES which came with Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles and Mario Bros. Since then my tastes have developed and I'll happily play most genres, but I can tell you that scary games are a no go! I also try to avoid realistic racing titles. It's Mario Kart for the win!


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